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Anexa Aerogel Blanket
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High-performance insulation blankets designed to keep out heat and cold
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Product Overview
Harness the unparalleled insulating power of aerogel in convenient blanket form. Available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses, these revolutionary blankets are suitable for various applications—from industrial and construction settings to DIY projects. Utilize a thin aerogel layer to cut down on pipe thickness, eliminating the need for additional heat or cold insulation materials. Beyond being cost-effective, these blankets are easy to install, highly durable, and both waterproof and condensation-resistant for effortless maintenance.
Product Applications and Detailed Features
High-temperature pipes, petrochemical facilities, power plants, electric vehicle battery encasements, and aerospace equipment.
Insulation of internal and external building walls, roofing, inter-floor barriers, pipes, and boiler rooms.
Insulation of indows, doors, walls, arches, vehicles, boats, and outdoor camping equipment.
Meet Aerogel: The Material of the Future
Aerogel, the lightest known material on Earth, consists of 98% air by volume. Not only can it float on water, but it's also durable enough to resist the impact of comet debris. It's been employed as an insulating material in NASA's Mars rovers and can withstand extreme temperatures, ranging from -120°C to 250°C.
Aerogel: Unparalleled in Insulation Performance
While the market offers a range of industrial and commercial specialty paints for insulation, none can match the superior performance of aerogel. With a thermal conductivity rating of just 0.045 W/mK, it is regarded as a "super insulator."
Anexa Aerogel Benefits
Lower Electric Bills by 30-40%
Experience dramatic savings on your electricity costs thanks to insulation capabilities that can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -120 to 250 degrees Celsius.
Minimize Material Costs
With a minimal coating thickness of just 1-3 mm—compared to the conventional 60-120 mm—you can reduce the thickness and, consequently, the cost of your pipes and piping systems. No additional thermal insulation materials are required.
Labor Cost Efficiency
Our fast 24-hour curing time and quick 3-4 hour recoating interval help you minimize labor costs.
Reduce Construction and Maintenance Costs
Costs are reduced due to easy construction, solid durability, long-lasting high functions such as waterproofing and condensation prevention, and easy aftercare. It is easy to coat on unever or irregular surface shapes. It can also be easily cleaned with water due to its low organic compound content, and can be easily retouched with a brush and spray.
Eliminate Fire and Safety Risks
Beyond insulation, the paint also offers comprehensive safety features, including fire prevention and other perks like soundproofing and rust prevention.
Long-Term Durability
One application provides up to 15 years of durability, far outlasting standard paints.