Anexa: Driving the Future of Society and the Environment
Successfully localizing heat insulation paint in Korea, Anexa employs cutting-edge, eco-friendly aerogel technology. Our Anexa Aerogel Paint is a one-stop solution, providing exceptional insulation, flame resistance, and a host of other features for residential and industrial applications.

As we continue to garner patents and eco-friendly certifications, we remain steadfast in our mission to develop aerogel-based solutions for a safer, more convenient human life and a better global environment.
Company History
MAR 2012
Founded as Atopy Co., Ltd, focusing on eco-friendly paint and volcanic soil wallpaper.
JAN 2014
Certified with Environmental Mark.
SEP 2015
Company renamed to Jayeon Co., Ltd.
MAR 2016
Partnered with Chokwang Paint for OEM, launching Jayeon N Jayeonro.
APR 2018
Supplied Purunsol Clean Air to Gangnam Jevisco Co., Ltd.
JUL 2019
First company to successful produce aerogel insulation paint using aerogel powder in South Korea.
FEB 2020
Launched aerogel-based insulation blanket.
NOV 2021
Secured aerogel paint patent.
JUL 2023
Changed corporate name to Anexa and established Anexa Global